09 December 2021,   18:36
"They have brought special groups, athletes. Do they want one more Kortskheli?" - staff members of Ozurgeti independent Mayoral candidate

Less than 14 hours before the start of the second round of elections, mutual accusations between the rivals still occur.. Representatives of the independent candidate, Kote Sharashenidze, in Ozurgeti accuse representatives of the ruling team in attemts to falsify elections.

Sharashenidze`s headquarters say that Beglar Sioridze plans to use administrative and personal resources tomorrow, as well as intimidation and blackmailing of his rival`s supporters.

According to Kote Sharashenidze, they have documented evidence how they are planning to falsify the second round of elections.

Representatives of Sharashenidze"s office say that special groups and athletes are mobilized in Ozurgeti. They ask the US Ambassador to prevent the tension.

"In Ozurgeti, they are trying to save Talakvadze"s reputation; since they know that they are losing the elections, they appeal to all methods. They brought special groups, " various athletes. What do they want, another Kortskheli? I will address the Ambassador of the United States to get involved and bring the government to sense, "Shota Gogiberidze said.

Representatives of the Ozurgeti Independent Candidate"s Office say that it is planned to provoke a fight and annule elections where Sharashenidze is winning.