30 November 2021,   22:45
"There are risks that Russia intends to escalate situation with Georgia" - Kakha Gogolashvili

Experts respond to the visiti of the so-called President of occupied Tskhinvali region to Moscow They talk about possible issues discussed at the meeting of Vladimir Putin and Anatoly Bibilov.

Kakha Gogolashvili, Chairman of the National Platform for Civil Society Forum of Eastern Partnership, said that there are risks that Russia plans ome kind of escalation of relation with Georgia.

"South Ossetian de facto leadership visits to Russia are quite frequent. In fact, South Ossetia is run from Russia and they need instructions, agreement on any decisions. The further annexation of South Ossetia may be discussed there. There are risks that Russia intends to escalate in relation to Georgia because it now has more frequent contacts with NATO member states, especially with the US and this can cause Russia"s intention to take adequate measures, "Kakha Gogolashvili said.

According to the conflict expert Levan Geradze, Putin-Bibilov"s meeting is a continuation of occupation policy by Russia.