27 June 2022,   07:00
Promotion of countries involved in Eastern Partnership Program - European Parliamentarians are preparing declaration

EU Permanent Ambassadors will discuss today the text of the declaration to be adopted at the Eastern Partnership Summit . This will be the last meeting of the diplomats before the summit. In parallel, European lawmakers have also issued a similar resolution today, on which debates were held till late yesterday.

The majority of MPs who participated in debates supported the transition from the Eastern Partnership to a new stage. The speakers emphasized significant progress in Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova in terms of reforms.

The MPs want the summit declaration to be about the Eastern Partnership pluses, the European aspirations of the Associated States and the Investment Fund.

"The Eastern Partnership is an important political course for the EU and we need to ensure that it is effective and effecient.I think that we need to have a differential approach towards partners, we should act on the principle - do more and get more, "-
said Liam Andrékine, Member of the European Parliament.

Another European parliamentarian Rebecca Harms said in her speech that the EU should assist the Eastern Partners in resolving the frozen conflicts and countering Russia.

The European Parliament member, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, spoke about the corruption in Georgia and other countries and about Mikheil Saakashvili"s role in overcoming it.

"There are different countries united in the Eastern Partnership program, including Georgia and Belarus, for example, where the level of corruption is low, but corruption is very common in Ukraine and Moldova. Saakashvili was able to curb corruption in Georgia. I think that it would be good if we help him to fight corruption in Ukraine, "-
said Janusz Korwin-Mikke

Eastern Partnership Summit will be held in Brussels on November 24.