25 June 2022,   11:17
Price of 1 $ in currency booths reached 2.70 GEL- experts predict lari further impairment

National currency continues to impair. Recently, the official data has changed once again. In currency booths, 1 US dollars is bought for 2.7 GEL and sold for 2.72 GEL.

Experts believe that the depreciation of the national currency will continue and the reason is the government`s wrong economic policy. Experts in the sector suggest that the depreciation of the national currency will increase the prices of all products.

"The result will be reflected primarily at prices. Naturally, this comes with the decision of the National Bank and the rate of monetary policy will increase, of course, it will negatively affect the growth of the economy. Today Geostat data is published and in 2016, Georgian economy grew only by 2.8% of , which is very low. Naturally, in this way, such negative stimulers will not benefit Georgia in 2017 or in the next year, "-
said Economist Lasha Gotsiridze.

Givi Adeishvili, economic expert of the NGO "Society and Banks" made a statement.

"As for the economic policy, I wish that we should be open to investors, ie the limitation of land law, etc. It all affects investments and negatively affects the exchange rate, so I would like to goahead in different ratings To create a favorable environment for investors and attract foreign currency, - stated Givi Adeishvili.

National currency has been depreciated in terms of euros and one euro is now available at 3.20 GEL.