02 December 2021,   11:55
Kaladze"s team - opposition calls zonder new head of the City Hall Security Service

The Opposition and the Civil Sector have complained about candidates nominated by Tbilisi Mayor on the post of heads of  City hall Departments. Opposition members call zonder the nominee for the position of the head of the security service department.

Nugzar Chonkadze, the same Suliko Kedelashvili, desseminated hate speech on his own Facebook page, with particular aggression against opposition parties and threats in their address Also, he was an active participant of many protest rallies.

The opposition will not support the new composition of the Tbilisi government. The MPs argue that the Secret Service influence in the City Hall remains in the conditions of the new Mayor. For example, the opposition names Giga Nikoleishvili, who is the only deputy from Davit Narmania"s deputies who maintained the post.