30 November 2021,   03:49
"The population is impoverished, the banks are getting richer" - Georgian Dream asks National Bank for explanations

"Georgian Dream" expects the explanations regarding the depreciation of the GEL from the National Bank. Members of the parliamentary majority say that the National Bank is the agency that has detailed information on the currency rate.

"One month fluctuation, it"s not short-term and it is interesting to hear their position because it has a very bad impact, I think the reasons are clear because the National Bank is the main regulator in the country and what we see is that the population is impoverished, the banks are getting richer and both are losing In this case, the state must intervene, "- said the" Georgian Dream "member, David Khizanishvili.

The opposition imposes responsibility for lari impairment on the government . According to the opposition, in parallel with the devaluation of the national currency, prices have risen, which negatively affects the daily lives of citizens.

"The government is responsible for the national currency rate. Their criminal steps, which have been undertaken during this period, resulted in reduced investments due the disastrous regulations that were introduced for businesses. Prices are rising and the daily lives of our citizens are complicated, "Zurab Melikishvili, a member of the National Movement said.

"European Georgia" believe that the real reason for the impairment of Lari is the wrong economic policy of the government.