02 December 2021,   11:55
Within the Tolerance Week "Rustavi 2" was awarded the "Tolerance Defender " award

In the frames of Tolerance Week, the broadcasting company "Rustavi 2" was awarded with the "Tolerance Defender " award. Public Defender addressed the nominees at the award ceremony and talked about the problems in terms of tolerance.

According to Ucha Nanuashvili, this year there is less violation compared to previous years.

"There were only a few incidents of intolerance against the minorities in the current year, but unfortunately it does not change the whole picture, because in recent years there has been no response to the violations,"- said Nanuashvili.

Nika Gvaramia, general director of Rustavi 2 said that the award is important for television.

"I think this is very important not only for the media but for the society, not just for the minority but for the whole society," Nika Gvaramia said.

Tolerance and diversity is annual Competition conducted by the Council of Religions under the Public Defenderwhich is aimed at promoting diversity culture in Georgian media.