30 June 2022,   21:17
Expulsion of Georgians from Ukraine -First comment of Georgian Ambassador to Ukraine

Georgian Ambassador to Ukraine makes the first comment about Georgian citizens, expelled from Ukraine. Gela Dumbadze says in an interview with "Courier" that he had communication with the relevant agencies of Ukraine.

According to him, a note has been sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on this issue. As Gela Dumbadze states, he has scheduled meetings with the heads of the border service and immigration department.

"We had a continuous communication on this issue from the moment when the embassy informed us,"said Gela Dumbadze.

According to the Ambassador, the Embassy of Georgia immediately responses such issues.

"The Ukrainian side has officially stated that this an issue of the country"s security service, the National Police, Immigration Service.The action of these citizens contradicted interests of Ukraine"s security and national interests," Dumbadze says

According to the Georgian Ambassador to Ukraine, all countries have the right to express their decision in different ways.