04 July 2022,   04:38
Third Sector Speaks about attempts to conceal evidence of alleged corruption deal between Partskhaladze and Mayor`s office

Transparency International Georgia calls on the State Audit Office to publish the report on privatization issues in Tbilisi City Hall. Representatives of the non-governmental organization are talking about attempts to hide evidence regarding the corruption deal signed between former Chief Prosecutor Otar Partskhaladze and Tbilisi City Hall.

According to the third sector, it is evident from  the interim report published in May that  there was a possible corruption deal between the former Chief Prosecutor"s Company and the City Hall in relation to the replacement of land plot in the Mziuri area.

According to Eka Gigauri, executive director of the NGO "Transparency International - Georgia", it is important that the Audit Office prove that it is an independent from influences body and publish documents related to privatization issues in Tbilisi City Hall.

"There were specific circumstances and concrete facts that indicated that Tbilisi City Hall had an alleged corruption deal and Mr. Partskhaladze was involved in it," Eka Gigauri said.

Giorgi Mamrikishvili, Head of Audit Department of Self-Governing Units of State Audit Office notes that the audit report will be published by the end of the year after completion of the necessary procedures.