29 November 2021,   00:58
"This is a unworthy action" - Yulia Tymoshenko responds to the deportation of Georgians from Ukraine

Tomorrow Brussels will host the 5th Eastern Partnership summit for the first time. EU leaders are already in Brussels. Part of them will be meeting at the European People"s Party office where bilateral meetings are being held. The EPP summit is attended by the "United National Movement" and the Ukrainian delegation. Among them is Yulia Tymoshenko, the leader of Ukrainian party "Batkivschchina".

Yulia Timoshenko, in addition to the Eastern Partnership Summit, commented on the deportation of Georgian citizens from Ukraine and noted that the behavior of the Ukrainian authorities is beyond all limits.

The Ukrainian opposition leader said on the Eastern Partnership Summit that they are ready for cooperation.

"We, as the Ukrainian opposition, are ready for cooperation," Timoshenko said.