12 August 2022,   15:12
European Commissioner Johannes Hani responds to upcoming Eastern Partnership summit

Tomorrow Brussels will host the fifth Eastern Partnership summit for the first time. EU leaders are already in Brussels. The European Commissioner Johannes Han has held a briefing at the "People"s Party" headquarters and talked about the planned summit.

Johannes Han said that the fact that the summit is being held in Brussels is already proof that the Eastern Partnership project is one of the main topics of the European policy agenda.

In addition, he said about Georgia that the most important is the successful implementation of the Association Agreement.

"I am sure the declaration will not br ust a document. It will be a declaration that will be supported by all. It will be signed by 34 leaders. Of course, not everybody will be 100 percent satisfied, but compromise is needed. Against the migration, economic and financial crises, to which Brexit has been added, it is necessary to consolidate. We should be stronger in terms of competition. If we are in a consolidated political perspective that is in the interest of our neighbors, we will better determine what further steps should be taken, "said Johannes Han.