17 January 2022,   15:23
Ahmed Chataev is among those who were killed during the special operation

Ahmed Chataev is among those, who have been killed during the special operation on Gabriel Salosi Street. The announcement is made by the Head of the Administration of the State Security Service.
According to the State Security Service, two individuals have been killed during the special operation. One - Ahmed Chataev has blown himself up.

Reportedly information about the fact that during the special operation two people could escape is not the truth.

Nino Giorgobiani says that Adam Gumashvili is not among the deceased.

According to Giorgobiani, at the initial stage of the special operation, law enforcers have offered the members of the criminal group to surrender, However, they have refused.

She confirms that the FBI experts which are in Georgia assist Georgian law enforcers in investigative activities.

The State Security Service works to prevent possible threats.

The agency does not specify the reason why the criminal group members are in the country. The State Security Service does not speak about terrorists" allies in Georgia.