29 May 2022,   08:42
Structural changes - Parliamentary majority and minority has questions about the new composition of the government

The legislative body will begin discussions on the renewed composition of the government and the governmental program tomorrow. Members of the Cabinet of Ministers are expected in parliamentary committees. Kvirikshvili"s government will answer the questions of the parliamentary majority and minority. The issue of declaring confidence will be raised at the plenary session by the end of the week.

"We think that tomorrow we will end up discussions on declaring confidence in the political groups and committees and the process will move to the parliament," - says Eka Beselia.

Nino Goguadze, First Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Relations has questions regarding the changes.

"Naturally there are questions because such significant changes need successive, thoughtful implementation," -says Nino Goguadze.

The Parliamentary minority members say they do not intend to support the new government.