25 May 2022,   11:30
Verbal controversy in the Parliament

The situation has strained at the joint committee meeting in the parliament. The opposition"s questions were followed by the verbal confrontation between the members of the governmental team and the members of the opposition.

Members of "European Georgia" demanded the explanation on Chataev"s release from the prison by the Justice Minister. Giga Bokeria addressed the Minister at the session.

Bokeria was interested, who made the decision to release Chataev because the Justice Minister said that she was against Chataev"s release.

"Who was supporting it and who could outweigh you as a political figure and what were the arguments. But I warn you not to name Archil Kbikashvili, because at that time you were a general prosecutor and you had the full basis to change any decision,"- Giga Bokeria told the Minister of Justice.

Giga Bokeriaspoke about the special operation conducted on November 22 at the committee hearing. He asked the Minister of Internal Affairs whether the existence of Chataev and his supporters in Georgia was a fail of the Security Service and the result of bad work of law enforcement agencies.