25 June 2024,   10:28
Slipped out of tongue - Council of Elderly assess their statement on special operation as a mistake

"Even one word that slippes out of tongue has a great significance, of course, the family will have a protest if you do not address theml and do not start talking about it," Elisabar Margoshvili, a member of the Pankisi Elders" Council, made his comments after getting acquainted with the materials of the Security Service. He assesses the made statement as wrong.

A member of the Pankisi Elders` Council said that he made a mistake when he said that Temirlan Machalikashvili was "roped in " . Elizbar Margoshvili, a member of the Pankisi Elders" Council, said that he made a wrong assessment and after meeting with the family, realized that they had no connection with terrorism.
The special operation was held in Pankisi Gorge on December 26. State security arrested five persons. All of them are accused of having connections with the persons neutralized during the special operation on the Gabriel Salosi Avenue and they are being charged with assissting terrorists.