21 May 2024,   13:51
Two police officers detained on charges of abuse of power

The officers of the Prosecutor"s Office detained inspector-investigators of the second division of Rustavi police. According to the main investigative agency, police officers are accused of abuse of power.

The statement released by the prosecutor"s office says that on November 12, 2017 law enforcers verbally and physically abused a citizen.

Investigation into the criminal case under Article 333 § 3 (b) envisages deprivation of liberty from five to eight years .
"The investigation revealed that in the evening of November 12, 2017, R.G. together with friends visited Mtskheta-Mtianeti Street in the vicinity of one of the shops located in Mayakovski Street in Rustavi. They were approached by inspector-investigators of the second division of the Rustavi Division of the Kvemo Kartli Police Department
and requested to leave the territory, When RG asked for the reasons of the request to leave the territory, the police verbally abused him and wanted to take him to the police department. Frightened R.G. escaped from the police, the police officer Chased him and shot threetimes at him, then they physically assaulted RG, "- the statement of the Prosecutor"s Office says.