18 May 2024,   09:50
Bill on Broadcasting - opposition calls on ruling team to share veto

When the Parliament will discuss Presidential veto on Broadcasting Law is still unknown. However, it is not excluded that Parliament will convene the extraordinary session on this issue. The session should be held in the legislative body until February 5.

The MPs will decide after discussing motivated remarks whether or not to overcome the veto .

The parliamentary majority calls on the part of the opposition to take share the remarks.

"There is a chance for the Parliament to review this law. As a whole, as it is now , it is totally disastrous, I know very well what is meant. It is designed only for one television, your television and of course, other commercial channels, which are under state subordination will not be damaged, "- Giorgi Chanturia, a member of UNM says.

The parliamentary minority says that by adopting amendments the issue of democracy will be further deteriorated.