24 April 2024,   19:19
Janos Herman, responds to the results of the NDI survey

According to the results of the NDI survey, the number of supporters to the European Union is still high, but there is slight decline in comparison with the previous months, EU ambassador to Georgia Janos Herman said. According to him, the results of the survey are closely observed.

"There are regular public opinion polls on the EU support, but this support is solid, but sometimes it increases, sometimes even decreases, but more or less the scale remains the same, according to a recent survey, which shows that the variability can not be attributed to any reason. Public poll organizations and political experts should analyze the data. In case it is a long-term tendency, than we should take it nto account; however it is not the case now”, the EU Ambassador to Georgia Janos Herman said.

According to the survey, 29% support the integration in the Eurasian Union and 60% support the EU membership.

NDI published the first survey after the local self-government elections in 2017.