23 July 2024,   05:31
Man wounded in Nutsubidze Street remains in resuscitation department

A man wounded in Nutsubidze Street still remains in the resuscitation department. Doctors evaluate the patient"s condition as stable, but do not exclude the need for surgical intervention. 26-year-old Sandro Jorjadze"s emergency surgery was carried out late last night at the Republican clinic.

"The patient had multiple wounds in both the lower extremities, damaged arteries, veins and tibial nerves and broken bone fractures in the left limbs, one wound on the right limb," said Zviad Demetradze, a doctor of the Republic Hospital.

He was wounded from a firearm on the Nutsubidze slopes. Expert criminalists were working at the scene of the accident. All night witnesses were interrogated at police station in Nutsubidze Street.

The criminal case is launched under two articles - illegal purchase and carrying of weapons and intentional damage to the body.