19 July 2024,   04:19
Listen to our arguments and make the right decision - Media organizations appeal to the parliamentary majority

52 media organization urge the President, NGO sector, private companies and the Committee on Sector Economy of the Parliament to take their remarks regarding the bill on broadcasting into the consideration.
The official appeal was sent to the Parliament today. The private broadcasters say that if the legislative body is not going not take into account the President"s veto and the law will be enacted, private broadcasters will be in unequal conditions in the advertising market.

"They should listen to us, our arguments and make the right decision. This is not the case when someone wants to cope with someone, "- said Nino Jangirashvili, the director of TV Company" Kavkasia"

Nana Aburjanidze, the Commercial Director of TV Company " TV PIrveli" also focuses on the budget funding of the Public Broadcaster. According to her funding of the broadcaster is more than half of the advertising market. Aburjanidze also focuses on the problem caused by amendments linked to procurement and startups.

TV company "Imedi" opposes the involvement of the state funding organization in the advertising market.