21 July 2024,   15:27
Giorgi Chanturia left the Police Division after a 7-hour interrogation

Giorgi Chanturia left Kvemo Kartli regional police division after a 7-hour interrogation.

"The investigation had additional questions that I answered," Chanturia told journalists. However, he did not specify the questions and answers.

Yesterday Giorgi Chanturia and his spouse"s residence in Rustavi and Tbilisi were repeatedly searched. After that, Giorgi Chanturia, his wife and Mariam Chanturia were summoned to the police.

Giorgi Chanturia was detained on January 16 under the investigation of the murder of General Samson Kutateladze who was murdered on January 15 in Rustavi. He was arrested for almost 40 hours, after which he was released.