25 June 2024,   10:34
Noise in Tbilisi City Hall - "UNM" City council MPs were not allowed at government session

The noise in the building of the Tbilisi City Hall - the confrontation started after the members of the "National Movement" were not allowed to attend the City Government meeting in the City Hall.
The door of the meeting hall was opened only to the opposition after Kakha Kaladze finished the public statement and the TV cameras left the room.

"This mandate is the same for everyone and gives the right to attend the meeting of the government, Kakhi Kaladze perceives the session of the City hall government of the capital, as Milan"s dressing room, therefore, he did not allow us to attend the session. Three MPs came to speak about specific issues, which the Mayor of Tbilisi did not allow , "said Levan Khabeishvili.