05 December 2023,   03:52
3-hour meeting between private broadcasters and Kobakhidze - representatives of TV companies do not advise the Parliament to overcome the president"s veto

Speaking of the President"s remarks on the Public Broadcaster"s law, the Chairman of the Parliament called it dry and formal. Irakli Kobakhidze told the representatives of private media outlets that neither Giorgi Margvelashvili nor the opponents, brought the arguments of why the veto should not be overcome by the Parliament.

The defenders of private TV"s interests have been trying for almost 3 hours to prove to the Chairman of the Parliament why the new draft law is bad for private televisions.
After a heated discussion only one issue was agreed - next week"s meeting will be held in such a format, which will be attended by members of the parliamentary majority and the public broadcaster.
After the meeting, the Chairman of the Parliament demanded more arguments from the opponents. Irakli Kobakhidze claims that the aim of the parliamentary majority is not to overcome the veto.