17 June 2024,   03:48
The noise around Akhalaia"s statement is incomprehensible- Zviad Koridze

"It was a bit unclear yesterday"s noise about Mr. Bachana Akhalaia`s statement because if he does not want to be pardoned, he is entitled not to sign the request which he has received and therefore the Pardon Commission will not consider this issue, "- Zviad Koridze, chairperson of the Pardons Commission, said regarding Bacho Akhalaia .

The Pardon Commission says that Gogi Tatukhashvili addressed the President of Georgia with the request of pardoning, war veterans and former employees of law enforcement agencies. The documentation about 17 prisoners, including Bacho Akhalaia, was sent to the penitentiary department.

According to the chairperson of the pardon commission, because Bacho Akhalaia has not signed the pardon document, he will be removed from the list of applicants automatically.