18 July 2024,   05:30
"This is a very painful case for the prestige of our country" -NGOs on Mukhtarli"s case

Members of the parliamentary faction "European Georgia" met non-governmental organizations demanding the formation of a parliamentary investigative commission on the case of Afghan Mukhtarli today.

Among them is the "Tolerance and Diversity Institute", whose member Giorgi Noniashvili says that the main thing is that the government should understand the severity of the issue.

"Afghan Mukhtarli has been kidnapped from the centre of Tbilisi and there are many questions about it. There is an assumption that the state institutions are involved in the case. These questions must be answered by the state, "said Giorgi Noniashvili.

An Executive director of "Article 42 of the Constitution" believes that the investigation has started incorrectly from the beginning and there is no video evidence in the case.

Gia Nodia declares mistrust to the investigation as well. The chairman of the Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development says that nobody has the anticipation of an objective investigation.