16 July 2024,   06:49
State institutions are shattered after the formation of informal governance in the country - opposition on President"s assessment

The president"s position that "the ruling power in the country weakens state institutions and that the Georgian Dream coalition is a trademark is the shattering of the state institutions" is shared by the opposition.

Roman Gotsiridze, chairperson of the National Movement faction, states that state institutions have collapsed under informal governance in the country.

"State institutions have been shattered since the formation of non-formal governance in the country because the parliament can not fulfill its duties and some others do it." The judiciary system is completely degraded and subject to certain groups.

"The executive government is uncontrollable and has committed a lot of crimes and there is no chance to investigate it." There is no other government in reality, even the media authorities, we see what is happening on the Public broadcaster , and even the broadcaster is more authoritative informally than the Parliament because it forces the Parliament to adopt some fabricated law.. Therefore, the country is actually under informal leadership, "- says Roman Gotsiridze.