16 July 2024,   07:55
Russia has occupied our territories and, of course, Russia is a threat - Davit Sujashvili

Davit Sujashvili, head of the Georgian Intelligence Service, answered questions from the members of three committees .

The main issues that Sujashvili had to discuss was how foreign intelligence was working on the occupied territories and how the threats are being investigated. These are the main issues that the MPs were interested in.

After the meeting Davit Sujashvili made a comment. According to him, the meeting touched upon the threats that the country is facing.

"Georgia"s territories are occupied, so what do you thinkwhere the main threat comes from? We talked about a lot of countries and talked about those countries where the treat comes from. Russia has occupied our territories and of course Russia is a threat, "- said Davit Sujashvili.

The meeting was attended by the member of the European Georgia - Movement for Freedom Irakli Abesadze. He states that Russia and its aggressive actions are the main threat to Georgia

The statement was made by Ada Marshania, Member of the Georgian Patriots of Georgia faction.

"Of course, our concern and emotion is always about the issue of our occupied territories. I ask for special attention, specification and detailed discussion on these issues. We have a difficult situation in this regard and every day we have tragic processes in the occupied territories, "said Ada Marshania.