26 October 2020,   11:23
Child injured as a result of fallen glass crash from a building at Orbeliani Square passed away

A 14-year-old child injured after a piece of glass fell down from a building on the Orbeliani Square in Tbilisi has died in the hospital . The incident happened about an hour ago.

According to the doctor"s statement, the teenager had received injuries incompatible with life. His condition was severe and the heart stopped several times before the operation began.

"The patient was brought in the Emergency department, in extremely difficult condition. Practically, after receiving the injuries incompatible with life. Within a few minutes he was transported to the surgery. The operation could not be started, because the heart stopped. In fact, the patient died due to injuries incompatibility with life, "said Giorgi Kharchilava, the head of the Department.

Three injured were taken to Ingorokva clinic and 3 to the Amatel hospital.