21 October 2020,   18:10
The issue of visa-free travel - the opposition calls David McAllister"s statement worrying

In Brussels, where Georgian MPs hold meetings with MEPs, the issue of visa free
regime was discussed.

At the meeting held o behind the closed door with the European Parliament delegation, the issue was raised by David McAlister, Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee. According to him, the increase in the number of asylum seekers in Germany is concerning.

Roman Gotsiridze, a member of the "National Movement", calls McAlister`s statement serious and alarming.

"The most annoying statement was made by David McAlister, who is the main figure in this process. He is the chairman of the foreign committee and said we should "very, very, very", reiterating this word four times seriously consider Germany"s mood, - said Roman Gotsiridze.

Faction "Georgian Dream" member Tamar Chugoshvili says that the issue of visa-free travel is not in danger.