05 October 2022,   05:47
"Gakharia and Shotadze are afraid of Gvaramia and Gabunia and they perform direct orders," - the attorney of Sadgobelashvili

Members of the attack on "Rustavi 2" employees will be charged today. It is not excluded that the prosecution will demand imprisonment as a preventive measure against Lado Sadgobelashvili and 4 other persons .

"My motion will be that no imprisonment be used at all and none of the restriction measures imposed because it was the realization of freedom of speech and constitutional rights, I think Gakharia and Shotaadze are afraid of Gvaramia and Gabunia and they perform the direct orders," said the lawyer Tsira Javakhishvili.

Sandro Bregadze, who spent several hours in the hospital on his own will, was taken to the police station late last night for questioning. He says he was not at the scene of confrontation.
The members of so called "Georgian Mars" were interrogated 2 days ago and then detained.