30 November 2023,   21:37
" Strenght is in Europe" - NGOs launch a new campaign in response to Russian aggression

"Strenght is in Europe" - In response to the Russian aggression, Transparency International Georgia and the Coalition "Euro Atlantic Georgia" are launching a new campaign. Campaign aims to counter the anti-Western anti-European propaganda. It consists of various NGOs, civil sector representatives, actors.

Representatives of diplomatic corps, media and government were invited at today"s presentation.

Members of NGOs say that Russia is a major threat to our country and the campaign will learn what methods Russia is using for discrediting the West.

"Georgia has a stated goal to become a member of the EU and NATO and this is not just membership, it will be a better future for our country, better life for our citizens. European and American partners are trying to do this, "- Eka Gigauri, executive director of Transparency International Georgia said.

Representatives of civil society say that the unification of the society is a strong signal for the government of the country, international partners and Russia.

"Russia is the main threat not only for Georgia, but for the entire democratic world. Today, the democratic world is united to prevent this threat, "- Batu Kutelia, Vice-President of the Atlantic Council of Georgia stated.

The campaign participants call on the public for engagement.