30 November 2023,   21:12
"This assessment is a red card to Georgian Dream - Nika Gvaramia responds to f" Freedom House " report

"This assessment is a red card to " Georgian Dream "- this statement was made by Rustavi 2 General Director Nika Gvaramia in response to the report of" Freedom House ". The report released by "Freedom House" states that the court dispute against Rustavi 2 is an attempt to silence the only critical television.

"This assessment is a red-card to " Georgian dream "and the party that is in power today should think how to change the situation, how to change itself in the power, since it is impossible to continue i this way,"- Nika Gvaramia says.

According to Gvaramia, the only major national critical channel is Rustavi 2 and its broadcasting is critical to the country"s democracy and the existence of Rustavi 2 today is a result of the intervention of the European Court of Human Rights.

He also pointed out that "Georgian Dream" can not cope with the main task it has - democratic reforms.