26 May 2024,   09:58
Shortly before the presidential election, the government demands transfer of "Rustavi 2" to Khalvashi

The Ministry of Justice of Georgia asks Strasbourg that the Rustavi 2 broadcasting company will be immediately transferred to Kibar Khalvashi. The main requirement of the government is the abolition of the temporary measure by the European Court of Human Rights. The message was received from Strasbourg by Rustavi 2 lawyers yesterday night.

The government"s demand was not unexpected for Rustavi 2"s director general. Nika Gvaramia says that the government is now in a hurry to change the owner and editorial policy of the independent TV channel.

The opposition suggests that the Georgian Dream government is trying to neutralize the nation"s most critical media before the presidential election. According to them, the government"s secret political intentions are easily read in the documents sent to Strasbourg.

The comments sent by the government to Strasbourg included the statement of "European Georgia" accusing Rustavi 2 TV company of lies, as well as the Facebook status of a former employee Akaki Gogichaishvili who accused Nika Gvaramia of putting pressure on him.

Rustavi 2"s lawyers are preparing answers to Strasbourg, which will be sent to the European Court on May 30.