30 November 2023,   22:01
Recreational areas instead of garages - Kakha Kaladze addresses population with initiative

Recreational areas instead of garages - Kakha Kaladze puts forward an initiative and offer residents to replace garages with gardens and sports stadiums. The Tbilisi Mayor talked about the above mentioned issue and gave the Gamgebelis specific assignments. They should convince the population to agree to the dismantling of illegal garages.

According to Kakha Kaladze, dismantling of garages will be made only by agreement with citizens. The citizen will not receive compensation in exchange for the garage taken, but the City Hall will cover the expances of construction of the recreational areas.

The opinion of the citizens on the mayor"s initiative is divided. Part of it is for the dismantling, while the part is against it.

The opposition agrees with Kakha Kaladze. However, the "National Movement" says that the Mayor does not have a specific plan. In "European Georgia", they say that the initiative belongs to Gigi Ugulava, which was not implemented by Davit Narmania.