28 January 2022,   23:40
" I hate you" - Whistle and noise at the Human Rights Committee session

A confrontation took place between the MPs and "Equality Movement" during the sitting of the Human Rights Committee.

Members of the movement were demanding Sopho Kiladze"s dismissal from the position of the Committee Chairman. According to them she had unlawfully disrupted the event scheduled for my 17 against homophobia and had not explained anything to LGBT community.

"Is protection of LGBT community a part of human rights ? are their rights important for you? Do you think that the day of fight against homophobia is insignificant? You just don"t want to celebrate it? Could you explain what is the reason? "Ana Subeliani, a member of the movement addressed Sopho Kiladze and other members of the committee.

According to Sopho Kiladze, the chairman of the committee, the constitution reads that all people are equal.

The session continued on the background of noise, whistle and confrontations.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the LGBT community, human rights defenders and the Public Defender.

A representative of the LGBT community also addressed the MPs. He says that he can not return to the village where he was born, because due to the hatred in society his life is in a danger.

"You will never understand it. This is cynicism. You are heterosexual people who have this privilege and I hate you, "- said the LGBT community representative.