23 January 2022,   22:08
Zviad Kuprava, Head of Law Enforcement Reform Center, was sentenced to 10 days of imprisonment

Zviad Kuprava was sentenced to 10 days of imprisonment. The head of the Law Enforcement Reform Center was transferred from the courtroom to the pre-trial detention setting, where he was visited by the attorney. The human rights defendant speaks about the absurdity and the Ministry of Internal Affairs is trying to accuse Kuprava of resistance to police and petty hooliganism. According to the information of the agency, a car in which Zviad Kupravawas sitting was stopped with the aim of checking the driver. After it was found out that the driver was drunk and the police intended to send a fine check to him, Zviad Kuprava tried to hinder the law enforcers. At the court, the patrol police presented the camera records as evidence.