17 June 2024,   05:58
Artificially increased price for air tickets - "Airzena" against Turkish company

Artificially increased price for air tickets and barriers for airlines - "Airzena" puts charges against "TAV Georgia".

The founder of the Georgian airline declares that the Turkish "TAV Georgia" hinders the development of aviation in the country.

As a result, flights from Tbilisi airport are one of the most expensive in Europe.

Tamaz Gaiashvili calls on state agencies to revise the agreement signed with "TAV", which he says is slavery.

Ketevan Aleksidze, director of "Georgian Airports Association" Ltd said that the agreement with Turkish company can be terminated. According to her, during this time everything was done to get the desired results from the company, but now there is no work on discontinuation of the contract.

"We are not working on discontinuation of the contract, we are working with the company to have the standard which an airport should have. If there is any kind of flaw, we are really ready to correct the flaw, "said Aleksidze.