17 June 2024,   05:37
We must continue the fight because nothing is guaranteed - founders of club Bassiani

The founders of the club "Bassiani" Tato Geetia and Zviad Gelbakhiani left the premises of the club. The first visit to the club lasted for about two hours.

After the massive special operation, the club "Bassiani" was opened today. The criminal police opened the sealed club after 10 days.

According to founders, the facts of damage of the inventory of the club were not revealed after initial examination, but they will release additional information after detailed study.

"There is nothing damaged in the initial examination, but it should take an inventory, which takes time and therefore we will answer you later," said Tato Geetia.

One of the founders of the club, Zviad Gelbakhiani notes that the club is expected to open in June.

According to the founders of the club, consultations with other organizers of the rally on May 27 will be consulted and they will comment afterwards.
At the opening of the club "Bassiani" the staff of the club came to the site saying that the rally should be held.

Club "Bassiani" representatives say that the rally will be held in support of free business .

Law enforcers and clubs employees remain on the territory of the club.
Later journalists will be allowed to enter the premises.