18 June 2024,   21:59
"Organization publishing this letter deserves no apologizes " - Nika Gvaramia responds to the Patriarchate

The Director General of the broadcasting company responded to the boycott against "Rustavi 2" announced by the Georgian Patriarchate.

Nika Gvaramia is convinced that this is a statement of only one group that has a special influence on the Patriarchate.

"The society knows that we do not find it difficult to apologize, it is not difficult to recognize mistakes, even though I am absolutely confident in this situation that we do not have anything to apologize for and no mistake was made. I am sorry for this, but the organization publishing this letter deserves no apologizes, this organizaton is fighting afanst the country and the church, thet directly stir up the hatred and fight against the freedom of expression " Gvaramia claimed.

The Patriarchate calls on the clergy and the parish in the statement released, to stop communication with "Rustavi 2", do not give interviews and do not participate in the programs.