17 June 2024,   04:30
The step taken against freedom of expression - Charter Council responds to statement of the Patriarchate

The Council of Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics responds to the announcement of the boycott by the Georgian Patriarchate to Rustavi 2. The Council of Charter assesses the Patriarch"s statement as a step against freedom of expression.

The statement also notes that the statement of the Patriarchate makes a particular journalist and, in general, the entire media the target of aggression .

The Council of the Charter states that there is a great interest towards the Patriarchate and therefore, communication with the media is essential.

The Council of the Charter calls on the government to state their position, it is also noted, that the authorities should continue to cooperate with Rustavi-2, thus giving an example to different groups of society.

"The Council of Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics assesses the statement made by the Patriarchate of the Georgian Orthodox Church in which the clergy are calling on all citizens to boycott " Rustavi 2: as a step taken against media and generally freedom of expression".

The Georgian Orthodox Church spends tens of millions of laris from public funds every year. In addition, one of the most influential institutions. There is high public interest towards its activities. Therefore, it is important that the Patriarchate cooperate and answer the existing questions among them through "Rustavi 2" as one of the biggest broadcasters.