22 May 2024,   04:45
Patriarchate and authorities want to restrict freedom of expression for Rustavi 2- civil sector responds to Patriarchate"s statement

The statement made by the Georgian Patriarchate regarding the broadcasting company Rustavi 2 is evaluated as a decision to restrict freedom of expression by representatives of media and NGOs.

They say that boycotting the TV station is nothing but fear of criticism.

" The government and the Patriarchate wantto restrict freedom of expression in general, and in particular of Rustavi 2", "said Zurab Vardiashvili, editor of the Liberal magazine.

The civil sector claims that the government supports the position of the Patriarchate.

"Their demands, which are largely influenced by Georgian politics, regard the regulation of issues that are protected by the Constitution. This is freedom of expression. The Patriarchate, as one of the major institutions having a high authority, has some fear of criticism. Therefore, it does not try to protect itself from this criticism by giving answers, but by silence, "said Giorgi Mshvenieradze, chairman of the NGO" Georgian Democratic Initiative ".