21 October 2020,   01:26
Who killed Davit Saralidze - despite the court decision, Saralidze family has no answer yet

Who killed a 16-year-old teenager and who should be responsible for the brutal crime? Davit Saralidze"s father has no answer on the main question. One of the juveniles accused of Saralidze"s murder found not guilty by the court, and the qualification has changed for another accused.

A Father of Davit Saralidze went to the Prosecutors" Office from the court. Initially, he wanted to block the road in protest, but the police hindered him.

According to Sarlidze"s lawyer, the Prosecutors" Office frauded evidence and today"s verdict has confirmed that there are other offenders who are protected by influential persons.

According to the expertise conclusions, Davit Saralidze had 12 wounds, five out of which were deadly injuries. The Prosecutor"s Office has argued that only two defendants have inflicted so many injuries.

The lawyers claim that the prosecutor"s office will be able to get out of the impasse only with the punishment of real culprits.

The prosecution is waiting for the court"s verdict as well. However, they say that Judge Areshidze"s decision will be appealed .