13 June 2021,   22:04
"This is an attempt to set censorship on council members" - the court did not satisfy Ana Dolidze"s suit

City Court did not satisfy Anna Dolidze"s suit. The judge considered that the High Council of Justice received the correct decision when refused Dolidze to attend the interview of candidates on vacation of lifetime judges.

Anna Dolidze plans to appeal the City Court"s decision. She speaks about the dangers posed by the tendency of the Council of Justice to establish censorship.

"This cascade of recusals and the position of the council creates a very dangerous tendency that a member of the council may be hindered by any factor, for any general statement to exercise her/his functions,, "said Anna Dolidze.

A chairperson of GYLA responds to the court decision. Sulkhan Saladze says that this is an attempt by the Council of Justice to eliminate the members that are distinguished with critical statements.