13 June 2021,   20:54
Murder of teenagers - Mirza Subeliani is answering questions of investigation

Questioning of Mirza Subeliani, former senior of the prosecutor"s office on the murder case in Khorava Street in Tbilisi is still underway.

Subeliani has been in the investigative department for four hours already.

During the last week, the former high ranking official of the Prosecutor"s Office has been questioned for the second time in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

He was summoned for the first questioning on the first of June. Then Mirza Subeliani said that the investigation was provided with comprehensive information.

It is unknown, what is the interest of the investigation now. The former high ranking official of the Prosecution office did not comment on the question before entering the office.

Investigation into the case after the protest actions was passed over to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.