26 November 2020,   04:33
Refusal to provide medical aid on political grounds -responsibility of doctor to be discussed in Ingorokva Clinic on the basis of Kvitaishvili"s statement

On the basis of the statement of National Movement member Nino Kvitaishvili the issue of responsibility of the doctor will be discussed in Ingorokva University Clinic today.

The clinic apologizes to Kvitaishvili because of the situation.

The member of the United National Movement, who received injuries due to confrontation with the police on Rustaveli Avenue, said that the doctors gave her the recommendations on traumatic injuries, but the traumatologist Mamageishvili refused to serve her because of political affiliation.

According to the "National Movement", the discrimination of people on political grounds is the result of the policy of the current government .

"This is a violation of medical ethics, this is a human rights violation, it is a violation of women"s rights and generally does not fit into any normal human behavior.

Any self-respecting clinic should not be willing to work with such a doctor. This is a disgrace to this clinic, but this is the result of the government"s policy, "said UNM MP Tina Bokuchava.