23 January 2022,   22:49
Police do not know where he is - Elchin Alakhverdiev, who was a victim of inhuman treatment disappears

The resident of Marneuli, Elchin Alakhverdiev, who was a victim of inhuman treatment, has disappeared.

It is about the person who was forced to apologize because of the insulting words at the protest rally held in Tbilisi, and he was forced to wash his face with urine.

His whereabouts are unknown for the family. The first comment on the incident was mad by the son of Elchin Alakhverdiev. He says that the law enforcement officers took him in the mornings but he does not know his current whereabouts.

As for the fact of violence, details are unknown to him.

"My friends called me and told me that policemen took my father from the house and they do not know where he . He may have been transferred to Rustavi.

I was not at the time of filming the video, but all say and it is clear that the video was filmed under threat when at least five or ten people were threatening him

My father is a member of the "Georgian Dream" and when I saw a video where my father insluted the Georgian Dream the members of the "National Movement" were standing beside him. I do not know exactly who was involved in the shooting process, whether they were members of the Georgian Dream, Gamgeoba, or MPs, but everyone told me that Teimuraz Abazov was there at the time of filming, "says Alakhverdiev"s son.