25 January 2022,   18:49
Hunger strike and 4-day ultimatum of UNM - Opposition announces protest rallies

Three members of Ozurgeti Sakrebulo started hunger strike. The members of the "National Movement" give the local government the deadline till Friday. Their main demand is to appoint an extraordinary session where the suspension of mandates of the Georgian Dream"s MPs will be discussed.

It is about those Georgian Dream"s lawmakers who physically abused Beso Katamadze, member of Sakrebulo. Participants of the rally are demanding to requalify the case. As it is known on the fact of Beso Katamadze"s beating only one person accused has been released by the court for bail. The opposition gives the local government a 4-day term.

Before the start of the hunger strike, the situation was strained several times. The members of the UNM tried to enter the building of the Ozurgeti Sakrebulo, which the law enforcers did not allow them to do. This caused noise and confrontation.
The deputy chairperson of the Ozurgeti Sakrebulo assesses the incident as a provocation by the UNM. But he says that despite everything he condemns violence.