25 January 2022,   06:40
He was tortured, beaten and forced to cede property - neighbours with thief mentality racketeeri a businessman

A 36-year-old businessman claims to have been tortured by the neighbours having thieves" mentality and asked to transfer his property to someone else. The businessman appealed to a well-known police officer for help, who advised him to involve a lawful thief but nevertheless,he had to pay a certain amount to the racketeers.
Investigation began, but neighbors, who tortured the businessman, have not arrested anyone. A policeman, who was involved in the case, was charged with drug trafficking.

The 36-year-old businessman says that he sent his family back to Sochi for security reasons. However , he is not going to go anywhere.

He is being involved in constructed the building blocks and after the completion of repair works in their realization. Violence was started by forcefully entering the apartments.