26 October 2021,   06:08
"Calm down... Ellen, do not scream ..." - quarrel between Beselia and members of the staff

Noise at the Investigative Commission Session - Eka Beselia urged European Georgia members to calm down their nerves.

The irritation of the Chairman of the Legal Committee was caused by Sergi Kapanadze"s statement, who asked why the searches in the housesof the incident participants were not conducted when there was suspicion that interesting evidence could be found their homes.

Sergi Kapanadze said that he did not hear answers from the head of the Tbilisi police department and the investigator of the case.

Eka Beselia called upon the chairperson of the commission to calm down and give opportunity to Shalva Bedoidze and Irakli Pipia.

"We respect the rules. We are not here in the private space. Listen to the answers, calm your nerves. If you do not hear, we will not get answers. Calm the nerves, calm down what you"re happy with, "Eka Beselia said.

She also addressed Elene Khoshtaria, saying that she did not have to shout at the turned-off microphone.
Eka Beselia called on Sergi Kapanadze for refraining.

"We did not interfere with your questions and therefore you should not interfere," said Sergi Kapanadze.

Chairperson of the Investigative Commission for the reason that the chairman of the legal committee hindered the meeting, turned off Eka Beselia"s microphone was added.

The investigative commission members questioned the head of the Tbilisi Police Department and the investigator of the case of teenagers killed in Khorava Street. However, Ioseb Sigua, head of the detectives department, did not attend today"s session. Today after yesterday"s noisy meeting, the notification was made that Joseph Sigua felt bad.