29 November 2021,   21:59
Ministry of Internal Affairs detains ten individuals for membership of the criminal worldLavasogli is charged in absentia

Ten individuals are detained by the employees of the Adjara Police Department in Tbilisi and Adjara region for membership of the criminal world and participation in a secret meeting of criminals. The crime committed by them envisages from 7to 10 years of imprisonment.

Mindia Goradze known as Lavasogli was charged with criminal offence and participation in the crime gathering in absentia. The crime envisages from 9 to 15 years of imprisonment.

" Detained and accused of participation in a criminal gathering are - Ivane Gigiadze, born in 1956, Imeda Abashidze, born in 1978, Jambul Nakashidze, born in 1979, Bekan Dekanadze, born in 1983, Marad Tsiteladze, born in 1983 , Shota Kekelidze born in 1980 and Zaal Akhvlediani born in 1989," - states MIA.